Hey there!

I'm Emma.

I am 21 years old and VERY much so still trying to figure out what I'm doing with this precious life of mine! I am a multi-passionate person and I have sooo many dreams! This chapter the Lord is writing in my life involves being a full-time photographer, so that's pretty dang cool! 
I thrive in one on one conversations and love getting to hear about what makes other people come ALIVE!  That's why I believe I am most passionate about connecting with high school seniors. It's such a time of excitement yet uncertainty. And trying to figure out what makes you come alive and deciding the next step can be overwhelming. I believe in Jesus and the unique purpose He has for you. And I really want to encourage you to do the next thing in love with your passions and giftings. I believe in you. I believe you are valuable. I believe you are treasured. I believe your dreams are seen and heard by God!
What makes my heart come ALIVE

+ the gospel

+ being surrounded by fam & friends

+ unhurried mornings (time to read!!!)

+ traveling & adventure

+ hiking & being outside (big fan of picnics)

+ and I realllllyyyyy enjoy smoothies

I'm so thrilled you stopped by and hopefully got to know a little bit about me! If you wanna take some photos together go hit that contact button!!!!!!! I'd love to meet you.